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My lightworker journey

My life took an unexpected turn in 2018, when I got direct contact with my guides. Since then I’ve been dedicated to learn as much as I can about healing and energy work. Most of the techniques I use, I have learned from my team of guides, helpers and ascended masters, but I have also found validation of my work methods through books, courses and by collaboration with other intuitives. I thoroughly enjoy this journey of endless learning and discovery, and getting new ways of helping others. 

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How I work

When I work, I either start with a problem or theme that you need help with, or ask the guides and helpers for a healing that is for your highest best right now and see what turns up. My aim is always to find the root cause to problems rather than just treating symptoms. For complex problems, I sometime use the Akashic records to find the root cause and get directions for healing, but if so, always with explicit consent. 

How I work
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